Ari Adler

Ari Adler is a Design and Community Lead at IDEO Boston. He works across projects to guide individual designers, project teams, and corporate clients in the human-centered design process, with a focus on solving complex technical challenges.

Ari has been working at IDEO for over a decade, starting in the Bay Area in 2000 and moving to Boston in 2005. He has worked to bring numerous products and services to market and has been named as an inventor on over 20 patents for his work on kitchen utensils, padlocks, consumer packaging, medication cartridges, irrigation pumps, bowling equipment, interactive whiteboards, office furniture, and power tools for spinal surgery.

In addition to contributing his expertise to project work, Ari has facilitated design and innovation workshops for corporate clients, academic institutions, and nonprofits in the US, Europe, and Latin America and has lectured on design thinking and human-centered product innovation. Before joining IDEO, Ari was a product designer at Continuum.

Ari holds a BS in Physics and Math from Brandeis University, and an MS in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, where he was a researcher at the Media Lab. For his Master’s thesis, he designed a low-cost telemedicine system for use in less developed countries. In addition to the US, Ari has lived in Mexico and Colombia, and is fluent in Spanish.