Advanced Introduction to Robotics (at SEAS)

Introduction to computer-controlled robotic manipulators. Topics include coordinate frames and transformations, forward and inverse kinematic solutions to open-chain manipulators, the Jacobian, dynamics and control, and motion planning. In addition, special topics will be introduced such as computer vision, soft robotics, surgical robots, MEMS and microrobotics, and biomimetic systems. Laboratory exercises will provide experience with industrial robot programming and robot simulation and control.

 Prerequisite: Either PHYSCI 12a, or both Physics 15a and CS 50. Linear algebra (e.g., Mathematics 21a,b, Mathematics 22a,b, Mathematics 25a,b, Applied Mathematics 22a,b); introductory mechanics (e.g., Physics 15a, Physics 16, Physical Sciences 12a, Applied Physics 50a,b); programming experience (e.g., CS 50; Python or MATLAB recommended).

GSD SCI 6274 is jointly listed with SEAS as Eng-Sci 159 and Eng-Sci 259. Students may not more than one for credit. Graduate students must enroll in 259. The material in 259 is the same as in 159, but with additional problems on the problem sets and a final project.