Interior Residential Planning, Furnishings, and Materials

Buildings are inseparable from Interior Planning. The objective of this course is to design interior space in existing freestanding residential buildings and urban apartments. Projects will use the floor plans of buildings from as early as the 1920’s to contemporary residences.  A client for each project will be identified to guide written briefs, planning and design thinking. Students will work individually and in groups. Students will create plans, elevations, renderings, models, material boards and other appropriate presentation methods to elaborate the projects and obtain client approvals.  Hand drawings will be required.  Teamwork and presentation skills will be emphasized and part of student evaluation.

The planning exercises will be reinforced through the study of modern and contemporary furniture, textiles, color, and materials for interior specification. When possible, topics will be introduced by professional designers and material specific professionals.

Teams will participate in the critique of each other’s work. The review, comparison, and editing of all the projects will help each team gain insight, define similarities and differences, and establish overall themes in planning. A midterm and final project will be assigned and reviewed by a jury of external of professionals.