Structures in Landscape Architecture, Joint & Detail

This seminar/workshop explores how to design and make landscapes that are rationally constructed and expressively convincing. This search is focused through the lens of structural understanding. Members of the class will explore how structural principles are translated through techniques of three-dimensional drawing into practical and expressive made landscapes.

Weekly Course Format:
Lecture on syllabus topic.
Case study.

1. A visual understanding of structural principles. 
2. Constructive drawing – haptic three-dimensional thinking.
3. How the structural diagrams of landscape elements are translated into a material/detail language.
4. Case studies of historical and contemporary structures. 

Course Objectives and Outcomes
Each student will:
1. Understand structural principals.
2. Understand structurally based, three-dimensional detail design.
3. Develop a personal practice of detail design that translates structural understanding into a material, made reality. 

Method of Evaluation
1. Participation in weekly discussion groups.
2. Successful completion of in class workshop assignments. 
3. Successful completion of a final project assignment. 

No prerequisites. Class is open to all students in all departments.


This course will be taught online through Friday, February 4th.