Talking Architecture

What is the use of architects interviewing other architects? Of course, it is about camaraderie, sharing experiences, and providing support. But, if the conversation is well framed, edited, and published, then it can also contribute to the oral history of architecture and the discipline at large. That is no small feat.

This seminar is intended to contribute to the Public Events Program at Harvard GSD.

During this interactive course, students will team up to produce questions for two live-video interviews with visible and emerging figures in the field. These interviews will be spin-offs of three Architecture Department sponsored public lectures held during the semester. Their intent is to extend the conversations between these guests and the GSD community. 

An important objective of the course is for students to find a position – literally, a voice – that is strong, yet flexible enough to be consistent throughout the three live interviews. They will test this position in public with respected colleagues and extend it to their practice as architects.

Students will work individually or in groups to craft one question for each of the two live conversations. A third private interview will be developed at the beginning of the term in order to practice before going live, with roughly one interview at the end of every month thereafter. Students will publicly ask questions at each event, with the opening and closing remarks conducted by the instructor.

The course will meet once a week for 1.5 hours to discuss the strategy for each event. Upon request, class can also meet any other morning. Asynchronous time will focus on question formulation and interviewee background research, done through formal (Frances Loeb Library) and informal sources (the Internet).

Grading Rubric (self-assessment):
40% Questions Review – for sessions in-between live events.
40% Interview performance – during the three events (including private interview).
20% Final Presentation – last session (course recap).  
Course Structure for Remote Learning: We plan to have one session of 1.5 hours of synchronous meeting time on the last morning of every week (Friday, 10:30AM-11:59 AM) in order to check progress together will all students. The instructor will be available to meet with students upon request every Tuesday, Wednesday, and/or Thursday morning (10:30AM-11:29AM) if a student or a group may need further advice on their course work. In addition, for asynchronous review, students can email the instructor and TA at all hours for commentary on the progress of their course work. The response will come 24 hours from Monday to Friday during office hours (8:00AM-5:00PM, EST). Emails incoming during weekends (Saturdays and or Sundays) will be replied the Monday after during office hours.  

Note: the instructor will offer live course presentations on 01/19-01/21. To access the detailed schedule and Zoom links, please visit the Live Course Presentations Website. If you need assistance, please contact Estefanía Ibáñez