America, America(s): Rethinking “American” Design

2-page spread from Harvard Design Magazine. On the left is the back of a person wearing a purple jacket. Long black hair is visible against the jacket. The person is leaning against a plush red surface. On the right is an image of a table with a blue tablecloth surrounded by 6 dining room chairs each with a red seat cushion. A red plush wall surrounds the table and chairs.

Photography: Marianne Mueller for Harvard Design Magazine #48, America

Event Description

Launching both the America(s) theme of Design Miami, and the America issue of Harvard Design Magazine, this discussion will examine how new narratives and histories of design are being constructed just as notions of “America” itself are being questioned, challenged and revised.

Moderated by Aric Chen, Curatorial Director of Design Miami; Mark Lee, Chair of the Department of Architecture, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University; and Florencia Rodriguez, Guest Co-editor, Harvard Design Magazine and Editorial Director, -NESS. Other speakers to be announced.

How to Join

Visit the Design Miami/ website for more information.

Anyone requiring accessibility accommodations should contact the Public Programs Office at (617) 496-2414 or [email protected].