Jorge Liernur

Lecturer in Architecture

Proffesor Jorge Francisco Liernur (Buenos Aires,1946) is Chairman of the Center of Studies on Contemporary Architecture at the Torcuato Di Tella University in Buenos Aires, where he is Professor of Modernity and Urban Culture. He is also Researcher of the Argentine National Council for Research on Science and Technology. At the University of Buenos Aires he was Professor, chairman of the Instituto de Arte Americano e Investigaciones Esteticas, and founder and director of the Juan O`Gorman Latin-American Architecture Chair. He acted as visiting scholar and critic at several Universities in America and Europe: Harvard, Princeton, SCI Arc, Columbia (USA), Catolica de Santiago de Chile, Rio Grande do Sul (Brasil), Central (Venezuela), Los Andes (Colombia), Navarra, Sevilla, Barcelona (Spain), TU Berlin, ETH Zurich, La Sapienza, Milano, Torino (Italy), among others. He published books: America Latina, Gli ultimi vent anni, Architecture in XXth Century Argentina, Writings on XXth Century Architecture in Latin America, The shadow of the Avant-Garde, Hannes Meyer in Mexico, Dictionary of Architecture in Argentina, etc. He also published numerous articles on Latin American, and Argentine?s modern architecture: Assemblage, Der Architekt, Zodiac, Casabella, AA files, Arquitectura Viva, At the End of the Century, etc. He is an architect graduated at the University of Buenos Aires. He studied art and architecture history with Manfredo Tafuri Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia and Tilman Buddensieg Kunsthistorisches Institut, Philosophische Fakultat, Universitat Bonn.