Advanced Topics on Embodied Carbon in Buildings

Present assumptions indicate that the management of our material world accounts for more than half of all global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Around forty percent of these emissions are attributed directly to building construction. Anticipating that the added burden of operational GHG emissions in buildings will approach net-zero, this course asks how design can drive the life cycle of materials and construction towards net-zero embodied GHG emissions. From this course, students will gain a critical understanding of current theory and practice around GHG emissions, advanced knowledge of tools used to address embodied GHG emissions in buildings, and a research framework to study deep decarbonization of the built environment. More critically, the course will provide an open arena to address the environmental and human impacts of material management in the built environment through tangible, design-led learning. 

Note: the instructor will offer live course presentations on 08/31, and/or 09/01. To access the detailed schedule and Zoom links, please visit the Live Course Presentations Website.