Design from Within: How New Immersive Technologies Create Value

For centuries, designers have hovered over physical models, paper blueprints, and digital screens, looking at the design challenges from “the outside.” New immersive technologies have the potential to fundamentally change how we perceive projects by landing us in the center of the design. Traditionally, it takes years for designers to walk into their own creations. However, virtual, augmented, and mixed reality (VR, AR, and MR), together with 3-D printing, are changing how we design, build, and navigate landscapes, buildings, and urban environments. We can experience the environments as they are being conceived. Immersive technologies combined with data analysis allow us to make better informed design decisions and create compelling experiences. 

The course will examine not only how we think about design projects with existing advanced technologies but also challenge students to imagine future workflows. The goal is to go beyond technology applications and focus on designing for business impact. We will explore the notion of entrepreneurship in design—how to identify, develop, and market innovative platforms in order to establish new design practices or technology startups. 

A combination of case studies, workshops, and simulations will be used to generate design ideas and market them to prospective customers. The course will allow students to generate a portfolio of ideas and projects that will boost their professional or academic careers.