Seth Denizen

2019-2020 Daniel Urban Kiley Fellow and Lecturer in Landscape Architecture

Seth Denizen is a researcher and design practitioner trained in landscape architecture and evolutionary biology. He has received a number of design awards, including first prize in the ARCH + Bauhaus Dessau Foundation Out of Balance Competition in 2013, and has published texts on art and design with the Asia Art Archive, LEAP International Art Magazine of Contemporary China, Volume, Fulcrum, Cabin Porn, among others. He continues to sit on the editorial board of Scapegoat Journal: Architecture/Landscape/Political Economy. Since 2012 he has taught Landscape Architecture at the University of Hong Kong and the University of Virginia, and is currently completing a PhD in Geography at the University of California Berkeley. His doctoral research investigates the vertical geopolitics of urban soil in Mexico City, where he is working with geologists and soil scientists to characterize the material complexities and political forces that shape the distribution of geological risk in Mexico's urban periphery.