Students, faculty, and alumni honored with 2021 Boston Society of Landscape Architects Awards

Landscape with vegetation and mountains

Andreea Vasile-Hoxha's (MLA '20) "After Plastics" Aletsch Glacier, Switzerland, Student Honor Award Winner

The Boston Society of Landscape Architects recently honored 21 projects by Harvard Graduate School of Design students, faculty, and alumni with its annual design awards. The program recognizes outstanding landscape architects, students, and projects based in Massachusetts or Maine.

This year the awards were presented to projects that merited recognition in one or more of the following areas:

  • Exemplary social, cultural, educational, or environmental significance.
  • Outstanding quality, craftmanship, creativity, or artistry.
  • Unique and innovative technologies, techniques, or concepts.
  • Advancement of the public’s awareness and perception of the field of landscape architecture.

The GSD student awardees are:

Echo Chen (MLA ’21), Kongyun He (MLA ’21), and Michele Chen’s (MLAUD ’23) “Local Forest Coalition”—Student Merit Award

Jury Comments: The jury appreciated the approach of treating this like a handbook that could be used by different communities to invest in the management, with unique and interesting graphics and compelling representation methods.  The project demonstrates an exciting and interesting concept, investing local residents in the management and creation of the built environment in their communities.

Isometric drawing of buildings with greenery
Echo Chen, Kongyun He, and Michele Chen’s “Local Forest Coalition” Boston, MA.

Estello Raganit (MLA ’19) and Joan Chen’s (MLA ’19) “Slowlands: Making the Inter-Loughs Wilds”—Student Merit Award

Jury Comments: The jury appreciates the ambitiousness of taking on this polarizing topic, and doing so at a variety of scales—from global to national to microscopic. The jury was very impressed with the graphics, each of which feels like a work of art, and they were intrigued to see something that’s not a site intervention—rather more of a thought intervention.

Perspective of boat in water with people and trees
Estello Raganit and Joan Chen’s “Slowlands: Making the Inter-Loughs Wilds” Northwest City Region, Ireland & Northern Ireland

Andreea Vasile-Hoxha’s (MLA ’20) “After Plastics”—Honor Award

Jury Comments: The jury found this to be a brilliant piece of research, in which siloed concepts became integrated thinking within a futuristic framework. The jury appreciated the exploration of ecological and botanical interventions in dealing with the emergence and persistence of microplastics, and found the communication strategy compelling and rich. The range of scales in thinking and graphic communication make for an impressive package.

Minzhi Lin’s (MLA ’23) “Retreating Plan”—Excellence Award

Jury Comments: The jury deemed this project an ambitious plan demonstrating incredible restraint.  They celebrated the submission for its thoughtful process and beautiful and nuanced graphics. The proposal focuses equally on ecology and humanity, celebrating the interaction between the two, and the designed forms are as beautifully articulated as they are justified by the research.

Site plan of proposed landscape with bodies of water
Minzhi Lin’s “Retreating Plan” Wareham, Massachusetts.

GSD faculty and alumni were also among the professionals awarded by the BSLA. GSD affiliated winners include:

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