Hossein Estiri

Lecturer in Urban Planning and Design

Hossein Estiri is a computational demographer, urban scientist, and research informaticist. His official training in urban planning and design has laid the theoretical foundations of his work in a socio-ecological approach. Hossein applies a variety of data science methodologies—including geo-spatial and statistical learning techniques—to develop computational models that explain complex demographic, ecological, and health outcomes. His recent work in research informatics focuses on exploiting the electronic medical records data for secondary use, and architecting high-performance visual data analytics systems for transforming data into intelligence for decision making in healthcare and population health management.

He holds a PhD in Urban Planning and a PhD track in Statistics from University of Washington. Currently, Dr. Estiri is an Instructor of Medicine at HMS, a research staff with the MGH Laboratory of Computer Science, and an affiliated faculty with the Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies.