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Inessa Hansch is a registered architect in Paris, Ile de France, and develops constructions within urban space and landscape. At each scale, specific furniture, installations, or buildings, introduce usage into the public space. Punctual interventions are in accord with the landscape, they create a node of intensity to orient the space and reveal the site. The attention is focused on specific materials, details and quality of construction.

In 1996 Inessa Hansch received her diploma in architecture at the Institute Superior of Architecture st Luc of Brussels and a certificate of urbanism at I.S.U.R.U Brussels in Belgium. Her student work garnered awards and was shown at the Brussels Architecture Foundation and at the Aorta Architecture Centre in Utrecht. She pursued post-graduate studies in urbanism at the Architecture Institute of the University of Geneva.

In 1999 Inessa Hansch developed a study of densification of the residential neighborhoods of Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

Inessa Hansch began by designing furniture for private clients. She later had an advisory role within the office of Michel Desvigne Paysagiste. In the form of project reviews, she brought a conceptual vision to projects, particularly in terms of spatial composition and usages.

In 2007 she founded the firm Inessa Hansch Architect; her professional activity includes design, architecture and urbanism. She currently develops a number of projects in Europe and the USA, such as the public space of Caen Island with the creation of site installation and, the conception of specific programs and architectural elements within a park, for the transformation of Novartis campus in East Hanover.

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