Andrew Zientek

Andrew Zientek is a licensed landscape architect, artist and educator.  His professional practice as Andrew Zientek: Terrain Studios is based on the belief that the sustainability of cities and civilizations will not be solved by doomsayers, advanced technology, new design strategies nor policy driven checklists, but through the gradual transformation of culture, of how we live and understand our humanness, particularly how we understand our position and creative capacities within and with respect to the natural universe.  Landscape, which is evolutionarily connected to us and part of everyday life, is the most potent of artistic vehicles with great opportunity to carry out a didactic role, a role of transformation.  Andrew’s artistic practice, founded on a belief in the rewards of paying attention and looking at the world,  seeks to open up new windows to our everyday world and do so without embarrassment or self-referential parody.

Andrew holds landscape architecture degrees from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and Harvard’s Graduate School of Design.   Prior to founding Terrain Studios, Andrew worked internationally with EDAW in China, with artist/designer Vito Acconci at Acconci Studio in Brooklyn, spent time with plantsman Piet Oudolf in the Netherlands and ran a design and construction operation for a property development company in Baltimore.  Andrew’s work has received recognition from academic institutions, state chapters and the national ASLA, and The Landscape Architecture Foundation among others.  Andrew has taught at Harvard, City College New York, and Columbia University.