Karen Lohrmann

Karen Lohrmann is an urbanist, artist, educator and researcher, currently located in Los Angeles. Born in Hamburg, she was educated in Aachen, Zurich and Berlin, studying architecture and urbanism with a focus on cultural and spatial production in the urban context. She also has a background in scenography and production of time-based media, including both feature length and documentary productions. Her work is situated at the crossroads of disciplines, from site to non-site. She collaborates with cultural producers as well as architecture, landscape and urban design practices, and teaches, exhibits and lectures internationally. A DAAD scholarship recipient, she has been awarded numerous project and research grants for her work. As a faculty member at UCLA Karen Lohrmann is the coordinator and coinstructor of the Culture Now Project, initiated by Thom Mayne at UCLA Architecture and Urban Design, in 2010. She is the editor of the first Culture Now publication, Midsize America, which is scheduled to come out in February 2012.

Karen Lohrmann has been a visiting professor for cultural, urban, and landscape studies at the University of Innsbruck (2003-10) and an assistant professor at theTU Berlin School of Architecture, Urbanism and Society (1998-03). She is a coeditor of Clear Skies with Patches of Grey (2003, with Hugo Beschoor Plug and Kees Christiaanse), a selection of essays and works on urbanity, culture, and landscape.

In 2002, Karen Lohrmann and Stefano de Martino started the collaborative Lorma Marti, based in Berlin and Los Angeles. Lorma Marti is a critical practice on spaces in transformation, cultural manifestations and resultant landscapes. Using the framework of spatial installations, mixed media sequences, still, moving and sound images they experiment with developing stories. They are the authors of Update: All Possible Worlds (2008) and How we spent it (2009), and the editors of the periodical Correspondents (since 2009).