David Gamble

Lecturer in Urban Planning and Design

David is a Lecturer and Design Critic in the Department of Urban Planning and Design at the GSD where he teaches studios and seminars related to urban development, visualization and the intersection of real estate and design.  He received a Bachelor’s of Architecture Degree from Kent State University and a Master’s of Architecture in Urban Design, with distinction, from the GSD.  David is a recipient of the AIA’s National Young Architects Award and the Gabriel Prize.

David’s research looks at the catalytic effects of urban design and planning projects with a focus on creative design and implementation strategies to enable redevelopment.  Together with Patty Heyda (Washington University) he authored “Rebuilding the American City”, published by Routledge in 2016. The book presents five paradigms for redevelopment and a range of perspectives on the complexities, strategies, successes and challenges inherent to rebuilding American cities today. He is currently editing a collection of interdisciplinary essays about the Greater Boston Region’s future and conducting research on small town urbanization for a forthcoming book “Small Town Urbanism” (tentative title) to be published by Routledge in 2020.

David is Principal of Gamble Associates, based in Cambridge, MA which focuses on urban revitalization and community development.  The firm works with public and private sector clients to revitalize communities and areas in transition.  Gamble Associates are urban design consultants to the Port Authority of Massachusetts (Massport), Mass Development and more than a dozen municipalities in the Boston region.  Prior to starting his practice in 2009, he was a Senior Associate at Chan Krieger Sieniewicz. He also previously worked at the firm of Krier&Kohl in Berlin, Germany and vanMerkestyn & Partners in Zurich, Switzerland.

David is actively involved in the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the American Planning Association (APA).  He serves on the AIA’s National Regional and Urban Design Committee (2017-2021), is a former co-chair of the Boston Society of Architect’s (BSA) Urban Design Committee, and he has served on the Boards of the BSA and Architecture Boston. He is past president of the Community-Design Resource Center-Boston and founded the Syracuse University interdisciplinary Community Design Center when he was an Assistant Professor in the School of Architecture.



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