Paul Kassabian

Design Critic in Architecture

Paul is a structural engineer and Associate Principal at Simpson, Gumpertz & Heger (SGH) and works on a wide range of structural systems such as buildings, bridges, and special structures.

Educated at Cambridge University, Paul worked in the UK for Flint & Neill on various projects including bridges (with WilkinsonEyre Architects) and complex tall towers.  He also worked for Watson Steel on the fabrication and erection of the Gateshead Millennium Bridge which won the UK Building of the Year Award 2002.

At SGH, Paul’s work has expanded into a broad scale and type of projects on the cutting edge of both structural systems and materials.  He focuses on developing innovative methods of design and construction using SGH’s in-house materials lab, computational design approaches, and digital fabrication techniques.

He taught graduate structural engineering students at MIT for ten years.  He also has an interactive app for the iPhone and iPad called “Structures: a visual understanding” that focuses on a design and qualitative, rather than analytical, approach to teaching structures.  He is currently researching construction techniques informed by termite collective construction and robotic swarm behavior with Harvard’s Wyss Institute.

Paul is a licensed structural engineer in 14 US states and one Canadian province and is a chartered engineer in the UK.