Roberto Pasini

Visiting Professor in Urban Planning and Design

Roberto Pasini (Arch Firenze; MArch Harvard; PhD Ferrara/Polis) is a Professor of Architecture at the CRGS of the University of Monterrey, a member of the Mexican National System of Research, and a co-founder of AUS, a design firm based in Italy. His research envisions space-making in today’s expanded urbanity as a practice regulating the confluence of public edification, environmental metabolisms, and sociocultural dynamics.

A guest lecturer, critic, and jury member at various academic institutions in North America, Europe, and Asia, he represented Italy for four years in the jury of the European Union/Europa Nostra Prize for Cultural Heritage, a European Commission program recognizing exemplary practices in the rehabilitation of urban, rural, and natural ensembles at a continental level.

Among other publications, Pasini is the author of Landscape Paradigms and Post-Urban Spaces: A Journey Through the Regions of Landscape (Springer 2019), drawing the profile of a new urbanity in the contemporary built/natural continuum; Symbiotic Matorral: Becoming-Animal and Other Explorations of the Cognitive Landscape (Libria 2019), documenting a landscape installation  implemented in the Sierra Madre Oriental of Mexico to explore non-anthropocentric landscape perspectives; The Symbiotic Field 1: Natural/Artificial Mergings in Design Cases (Edifir 2016), a multifocal analysis of contemporary space poised between artifact and nature. Recently, he has been engaging in the research projects Tests for a Symbiotic Matorral (lead researcher) and Post-Urban Living Innovation (lead-partner Chiba University).

Pasini is the recipient of the Premio di Architettura H.C. Andersen from the Accademia Nazionale di San Luca and the Fulbright Scholarship. Works of his office are listed in the quality-architecture repertoire of the IBC Emilia-Romagna.