Ruo Jia

Lecturer in Architecture

Ruo Jia, a lecturer at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University, is a Ph.D. Candidate in History and Theory of Architecture at the School of Architecture at Princeton University. Jia’s research investigates the creative mis-readings, re-writings, and re-positionings that emerge from the gap opened by cross-cultural, trans-lingual, and inter-disciplinary exchanges between China and France in the 1960s and 70s.

French post-structuralist theory and its readings of cultural production were inspired by Mao’s revolutionary China. In the 1980s, Chinese experimental architects conversely re-employed these theories to establish an alternative identity to the building practices of the Cultural Revolution. This was also the context in which postmodernist and deconstructivist architecture developed in the US and eventually migrated to China along with the discourse on French theory. Jia’s work takes up the theoretical complexity of this historical exchange.

Jia is the 2018-2019 recipient of the Mr. and Mrs. Yan Huo *94*95 Fellowship. She holds a M.Arch II from the GSD, as well as an M.Arch and a B.Arch from Southeast University, China. She has taught at Harvard, Princeton and China Academy of Art. Jia has contributed articles to journals such as Pidgin, as well as the collected volume Radical Pedagogy. She has worked as an architect at FCJZ and UDG. Her architectural projects have been published in Sounds and Ruins: Imagining Architecture in Candelaria.